About Us – Westerley Accommodation

The details

Commenced business: 1995 as a bed and breakfast
Partners: Gillian Nicholas, Ian Nicholas
Westerley Accommodation manage a suite of local houses and apartments in and around central Fremantle and South Fremantle. We are members of the Western Australian Tourism Commission and the Fremantle Visitor Centre.
Office Hours: 8.00am – 8.00pm (or anytime in an emergency)
Contact details:
Mob: +61 (0) 407083174
Email: info@westerley.com.au

History: A personal account written by Gillian Nicholas

When Ian and I first entered into the accommodation business in 1995, it was with a small bed and breakfast in our lovely old limestone federation style home on Solomon Street in Fremantle. We thought it would make a pleasant retirement occupation!!
We built a lovely studio in the garden of the house and also renovated the main house to offer guests the federation feel of the old home with a large bedroom, ensuite bathroom and a formal sitting room.
Well, the house faced due west and in an unusual moment of visual idiocy we decided to call the house WESTERLEY. I liked the “balance” of the three “e” s in the spelling but, I have to admit it has been a bit of a challenge over the years … we have had lots of practice spelling it out for prospective guests!!
From our experience, there was a great shortage of family syle accommodation in Fremantle which has led us to manage a number of houses and apartments in the Fremantle area.
We soon had a presence on the internet – we realised the importance of this very early!!
The logo was the next to be decided. As the land opposite the house was then vacant but crowned by two magestic Norfolk Island pines with a scrawny one in the centre – ideal as a landmark for wandering guests – I got to work with the primitive drawing programs then available to the home pc user and thus the rather spare three pines logo.
The pine trees are still there; now surrounded by houses – although we moved in 2006 to a very interesting little spot opposite the Fremantle Art Centre which has been, until lately, our home with a separate office. Both the home and the ex-office are available for short stay. The house is called James and the office, Art Corner.
We hope to welcome you soon!